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You started a new workout regime, training is going well, and you find yourself full of ambition to achieve your fitness goals. In fact, it feels like you have to hold yourself back so that you don’t overdo it. Then suddenly, you miss a day. Slowly but surely, your fitness motivation decreases, and you see your goals slipping away. Don’t worry—this is completely normal, and it happens to everyone. These tips will help you understand how to motivate yourself and stay on track when you’re not exactly inspired to work out.

Create a Personal Fitness Motivation Strategy to Stick with Your Plan:

1. Visualize Your Success

The more often you imagine something, the greater the chance is that your idea will become reality. Star athletes imagine their games, races, and competitions over and over in order to help themselves succeed. It works the same way for your training goals. Do you want to run faster or maybe simply build a stronger body? Start by imagining what it will be like when you’ve succeeded.

2. Nip Boredom in the Bud

Of course, your fitness motivation and performance can fluctuate from day to day. Sometimes, you will feel fit and full of energy and on other days, you will feel weak and lack energy. The causes of this are not only physical – often it is just your mind playing tricks on you. Muscle building has to be fun and you have to achieve results – otherwise, your motivation will suffer. So, don’t give boredom a chance. Introduce some fun and variety with these tricks:

  • Work Out with Your Friends: Training with friends is fun and will help you maintain your workout inspiration simply through accountability. If your training partner expects you—you have to show up. They can also provide encouragement, and you can help each other through a motivational slump.
  • Try a Change of Scenery: You don’t always have to work out in the same place. Mix things up a bit and work out in different places on the patio, in a park, or at home in your living room. After all, you can do sports like running and bodyweight training almost anywhere.
  • Listen to the Right Music: The right beat can push you to peak performances and really motivate you. Is there a special song you like? Then use it to motivate yourself and get your emotions involved. Motivational photos, videos, or quotes can give you a boost and increase your desire to work out.

3. Work Out in the Morning or Right After Work

As the day progresses, your weaker self grows stronger and stronger. Once you get home from work and relax on the sofa, there’s no getting up again. Try to outwit your weaker self and go for a run or do bodyweight training in the morning.

4. Challenge Yourself with Training Plans

There’s nothing better than achieving your fitness goals. But you need new challenges if you want to continue exercising on a regular basis. How about a new training plan?

Whether you choose a 3-week bodyweight training plan to start new habits, a workout regime designed to give you a six-pack, or a 12-week plan for a totally new challenge—the important thing is that you stick with it! Our plans keep your workouts varied, interesting, and fun, so you’re more likely to have long-term success.

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