Workout Tips for Men to Maximize Results

Tip # 1 – Diet

Think about the food you eat. It has a direct effect on your energy levels and the efficiency of your muscles when working out. A balanced diet ensures your body has all the right nutrients to maintain energy levels and minimize fat storage.

Avoiding processed foods and eating fewer calories than you actually need will lead to weight loss success. More calories can help muscle building, but lose the excess weight first! Instead of grabbing a takeaway or frozen ready meal at the end of a busy day, prepare your meals for the week in one go. This will ensure you eat healthily.

Tip # 2 – Hydrate

Your body is 60% water, so not drinking enough can lead to dehydration, energy loss and a variety of other issues. The average man should drink 3.7 liters a day, but you may need more when you exercise.

One of the most commonly prescribed workout tips for men is to drink a protein shake before you exercise. If you are looking to lose weight, stick to water, and drink whenever you feel thirsty.

Tip # 3 – Sleep

Sleep is the time when your body heals itself, corrects hormone levels, and builds muscles. Getting between 6 and 8 hours a day will help to ensure you have the energy for your workout and get the best possible results.

Tip # 4 – Commit

Pick the time when you are most energetic and stick to it. One of the best ways to get workout success is through building a habit.

Tip # 5 – Resist The Urge To Impress

If you are hitting the gym, you can benefit from the advice of the trainers on hand. However, knowing how to use a machine does not mean loading the weights up.

While you want to train to exhaustion for endurance and strength, you need to protect yourself from injury. Start low; you can always add more weight.

Tip # 6 – Stretching

It is vital to stretch your muscles before you start a workout. This allows them to do more without causing you an injury.

The best way to approach your stretches is to warm up for at least three minutes and then use dynamic stretches such as trunk rotations, side bends, and abdominal stretches.

After a workout, you should also cool down with some static stretches, such as the chest stretch and the calf stretch.

Tip # 7 – Compound Exercises

Single muscle exercises like the bicep curl have their place in any workout. However, they are generally better for targeting specific muscles. Compound exercises such as the DB Squat will work several muscles at once and build core strength.

Tip # 8 – Bench Testing

Before you use any bench in a gym, test it with your thumb. If you can push your thumb into the wood, use a different bench because it will not give you the support you need for your routine.

Tip # 9 – Muscle Warming

You can choose to warm your muscles by wrapping them with warm towels or sitting in a warm room. This will increase blood flow and help prep your muscles for your workout.

But, this does not mean you shouldn’t stretch, your stretches will just be easier.

Perhaps one of the best workout tips for men over 40 is to hold each stretch for 60 seconds. In your 20’s, thirty seconds would have been enough. But as you age, you need to give them more time. You will feel the benefit during your workout.

Tip # 10 – Cardio For Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight, then the best workout tips for men over 40 is to undertake a 20 minute HIIT session 3 times a week. This will elevate your heart rate and force your body to burn fat.

On the days you are not performing HIIT, you should be completing your metabolic resistance training, keeping your body active and your fat burning.

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